Children, Mobile Phones and the Internet Experts' Meeting RESPONSES

Question 2: What is the most important issue you feel needs attention?
  • Parents need more help - to overcome: lack of understanding, lack of time, fear of becoming too restrictive
  • Participation of children and young people
  • Communication between kids and parents then Daddy must come home earlier
  • Media education as central to curriculum and necessary for children's awareness
  • We need to know and understand much more about the interface between (mobile) technology and vulnerability, particularly at the level of lessons on impact - good and bad
  • Age verification systems
  • Japan also needs the 24hr helpline on both telephone and Internet - it has to star as soon as possible
  • The knowledge that premium rate call services are also a problem in the UK as in my home country and I am heartened to learn that it is possible for an independent regulator to regulate such activities
  • The need for industry compliance with consumer protection practices to avoid anti-competitive practices. This involves greater regulation of the industry by an effective industry watchdog
  • Promote more opportunities to ensure key children's organisations are up to date with the pace and capacity of technology
  • Mobile filtering and worldwide combination of rating databases
  • Global standard for rating WAP sites and simple certification process to ensure sites appropriateness for various target audiences
  • Lack of aconsistent regulation position across the EU/world
  • Multi-sectoral collaboration and appropriate and effective regulation
  • Develop a child friendly policy not depending on technology
  • Key concern: How to get the operators financially motivated to care for (really care for beyond lip service) child protection
  • Accountability: How do we engage industry and other stakeholders in becoming pro-active in effectively addressing emerging issues that are affecting youth? We need a balanced view to legislation and in balancing protection of the child with respect of the child
  • More pro-active consumer education and more accountability of mobile phone companies
  • The need for industry (Tel, ISPs) to take ownership of co-regulation
  • Analyse the responsibility of search engines with regard to providing access to sites
  • Balancing (control and autonomy safety and experiment). Careful analysis of the full range of possibilities and responsibilities in system vs outside system options
  • Address demand: who abuses/exploits children via mobile phones and awareness raising actions targeted on them
  • Knowing danger is avoiding danger so let's share the problem
  • Help develop the "filter in the head" via focused educational initiatives
  • Most important thing is people almost don't know what they have to do when a problem occurs
  • Raise awareness about mobile phones
  • Management of personal information. We should ensure that companies do not leak users' personal information.
  • I want to exmine effective and early realizable regulation (legal regulation or technological regulation).
  • Appropriate operation of net-dating sites.
  • Regulation of spam mails:
    - appoval prior to sending a large amount of mails
    - opt-in
    We should introduce registration system of content providers in Japan. It is a problem that we cannot identify content providers.
    Also we should grasp user properties. If we cannot identify user properties, labeling or rating is meaningless.
  • When we discuss on child prostitution issues in Japan, we should focus on the processes in which children accessed net-dating sites rather than children's tempting postings. I suppose the acutual number of children's tempting messages on net-dating sites is not very high because adults may send such messages deceivingly.

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