Children, Mobile Phones and the Internet Experts' Meeting RESPONSES

Question 1: What is the main action point YOU will want to take as a result of this meeting?
  • I'm going to research this more, think about it and try to get this issue more firmly on the international child protection agenda in an informed, not superficial way
  • Listen to user's voice
  • Incorporate mobile safety messaging onto online safety sites
  • Need to drive an understanding of mobile/kids issues within my organisation
  • Organise EU-level discussion on way ahead
  • Socio-cultural research proposal development - Aim: Put Children's solutions into the debate. Investigation of strategies children develop to deal with dangerous situations, bullying, unwelcome advances, invasions of privacy etc. in regard to mobile phones
  • To think about a business model which may increase children's use of mobile phones e.g. low spec terminal handset
  • Think more about balancing children's privacy against children's protection
  • Important issue for me is a helpline in the UK. We didn't know and were surprised about the 24hr service and that it's free
  • I'm a journalist so what I have to do is very simple. I'll work and do my best
  • Lobby my company to include child protection to be included in the annual/quarterly reports to stockholders as this will push introspection throughout the company
  • To contact the telephone and internet companies in my country and urge them to band together and form an industry association in partnership with the government to make the co-regulatory approach work in the convergence space
  • Work with children's commissions and youth advocacy bodies in Australia to be aware of the opportunities and dangers for young people of emerging mobile technologies
  • Seek establishment of hotlines/helplines including support for children
  • Child helplines to be easily accessed nationwide
  • National/sub-regional expert meetings
  • Self rating of ICRA
  • Ask my company to consider sponsoring/co-sponsoring a mobile educational initiative
  • I want to take the European and Japanese experience back with me to Canada in order to stimulate dialogue among stakeholders and inform our research and development of educational resources
  • Build a "positive" aspect to kids and mobiles. Too much focus to date on negatives!!
  • I want to publish what children say to Childline
  • Ensuring appropriate safety content is available on sites
  • Promote more international benchmarking in our regulation of the mobile phone and internet technology
  • Buy a mobile phone with a camera
  • The mobile Internet will be a part of the body in the future. So we should not let a child walk around the world alone
  • Help strengthen understanding between research and industry on a national level
  • ECPAT/Stop will want to provide an enriched hotline for children and parents in collaboration with Surfmonkey Asia.
  • I want to raise people's awareness by education and training.
  • I want to meet and communicate with various people and informate each other.
  • I want to educate and enlighten people so as not to restrict usage of the Internet that is very useful tool.

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