IPv6 Deployment Committee

. Invitation to Global IPv6 Summit in Japan 2001

1 Introduction

The Internet Association Japan established a IPv6 deployment committee in April 2001, aiming mainly toward "deployment and enlightenment activities" and "providing information sharing place".

Denomination: IPv6 Deployment Committee
Aims: Major aims are promoting IPv6, deploying its technologies in society, promoting its healthy development, cooperating with international bodies, and conducting enlightening activities in the Asian region.
Target: Companies, planning or which will plan to introduce IPv6
Activity: Holding committee meetings, holding seminars and study groups, participating APNIC Policy Meetings and APRICOT 2002, and reporting activities on the IAjapan Review which is its own journal.
Constitution: Member constitution is by nomination from an IAjapan member company or operation committee. The Internet Association Japan is planning to deploy our activities by requesting cooperation to JPNIC for addressing related support and to WIDE and JANOG for technical support.

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