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A Demonstration System That Realizes Filtering of Inappropriate Content Accessed with Mobile Phones

Last Update: 2003-7-7

Mobile phones have disseminated to a point that it is not an exaggeration to say that everyone has one. Mobile phones can display information published on the Internet and can also send and receive photographs and video clips, making them tools that are handier and more convenient than personal computers. Many parents allow their children to have mobile phones in anticipation of emergency calls. However, despite their convenience, it is also true that in view of parents, problems such as access to adult sites and "dating sites" exist. Parents may not want their children to access information that they consider is inappropriate for them.

The pages here provide information regarding the SFS Browser, a demonstration system for mobile phones to experiment filtering of information on the Internet that may be considered inappropriate for children.

*SFS, or Server-type Filtering Software, is a filtering software developed by Internet Association Japan. The SFS Browser filters information accessed through mobile phones in conjunction with SFS.

Filtering software is software that allows receivers of information to control viewing of web pages. Receivers of information can use filtering software to prohibit web pages containing information they consider inappropriate from being displayed without violating the Freedom of Speech for publishers of information.

Introduction to the SFS Browser

The SFS Browser, which is a demonstration system for mobile phones, is capable of filtering information on the Internet that is considered inappropriate for children. The SFS Browser is an i-appli software for use with NTT DoCoMo Inc.'s mobile phones.

Once the SFS Browser is downloaded to a mobile phone and activated, information accessed by the mobile phone that is considered inappropriate for children is filtered. If, for instance, an adult site or "Dating Site" is accessed, a message stating that the site "Cannot be displayed" will appear (in Japanese).

Explanation of the SFS Browser
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Please note that the SFS Browser is intended for demonstration purposes only. While some mobile phones feature web browsers for accessing the Internet, the SFS Browser cannot filter viewing from such browsers.

How Does the SFS Browser Work?

The SFS Browser's filtering works as follows: When the SFS Browsers attempts to view Internet content, whether or not the information can be displayed is determined by Mobile SFS, a filtering software operated experimentally by IAjapan.

Mobile SFS is a software based on IAjapan's SFS, or Server-type Filtering Software, that has been enhanced to allow use in conjunction with SFS Browsers. In addition to PICS-compliant labeling* powered by SFS, Mobile SFS also allows keyword filtering* as well as whitelist*/blacklist* filtering of URLs.

Mobile SFS conducts filtering according to labeling information rated by IAjapan; IAjapan's SafetyOnline2* is used as the filtering standard.

*Linked text in Japanese.

On Which Mobile Phones Does the SFS Browser Work?

The SFS Browser works on NTT DoCoMo's 503i, 504i, 505i and FOMA mobile phones. Two types of browsers, based on mobile phone type (specifically, the amount of memory available for i-appli) are available: "SFS Browser for NTT DoCoMo's 504i, 505i and FOMA (excluding N2001) mobile phones" and "SFS Browser for NTT DoCoMo's 503i and FOMA N2001 mobile phones."

Of these two browsers, "SFS Browser for 503i and FOMA N2001 mobile phones" can only display web pages of simple construction (for instance, it cannot display web pages with form input) due to restrictions in i-appli memory. For this reason, mobile phones suited for demonstration use are NTT DoCoMo's 504i, 505i and FOMA (excluding N2001) mobile phones.

Note: i-mode and i-appli are trademarks or registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. in Japan and other countries.

What Are the Restrictions?

How Do I Download the SFS Browser?

First, you must accept the terms of IAjapan's Software License Agreement (Text in Japanese). You may not use SFS Browser if you do not accept the terms of the agreement. Usage of the SFS Browser will imply acceptance of the software license agreement.

The SFS Browser can be downloaded from http://rf.iajapan.org:8141/i/ib.html (Text in Japanese). To download the software, access above page with a supported mobile phone and directly download the software. The SFS Browser software cannot be downloaded to a personal computer.

Please consult the manual for specific instructions on how to use the software. The Manual can be looked at here . Please view the manual with a personal computer.


Please send comments and opinions on filtering as demonstrated by the SFS Browser to pics-info@iajapan.org

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