The 7th Asia Broadband Summit (ABS)
during APRICOT 2008
2008.2.28(Thu) ,Taipei,Taiwan
Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei Room CR403
The 7th Asia Broadband Summit > Speaker Profiles, agenda & Presentation material(PDF)

1. Country Updates

Toru Takahashi pdf (PDF/ Broadband Overview from Japan : 301KB)
Research Institute for Internet Strategies,
Vice Presidents of Internet Association Japan

Xing Li pdf (PDF/Broadband in China : 2,122KB)
Tsinghua University,
the deputy director of CERNET

Col R S Perhar pdf (PDF/ Broadband Status in India : 146KB)

Kempei Fukuda

2. Technology Session

Yan Ma pdf (PDF/ CERNIC Information Update : 585KB)
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,
the member of CERNET Technical Committee

Yoshinobu Matsuzaki

Shinichiro Kobayashi
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation

In Japan, we started new TV service for portable terminal in April/2006 using one segment of the bandwidth for digital terrestrial broadcasting. We call this as "ONE SEG". The carriers promote this function to receive TV as the special feature of hi-end mobile phones, so the diffusion of "ONE SEG" has already reached over 20 millions sets (15% of gross population). Specially, the Japanese "ONE SEG" displays "Data broadcasting" at the same time with TV-program.

So, there is no stress to move from broadcasting territory to communication territory. I would like to talk about the actual conditions and the possibility of this high-functional mobile broadcasting as one of pathfinders.

Katsushi Kobayashi pdf (PDF/ Analysis of ISP Backbone Stability : 1,064KB)
Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

We present the analysis result of an ISP backbone using the IGP dataset collected in Abilene from '05 to '06. By our analysis, the Abilene yearly network availability achieved more than 99.95% in the each year, although including the serious outage caused by remarkable disaster.

Katsushi Kobayashi received his B.E., M.E., and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering, The University of Electro-Communications (UEC), Tokyo, Japan in 1987, 1989, and 1993, respectively. He was a research associate with Computer Center, UEC during 1993-1998. He joined the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT formerly named CRL), Japan in 1998-2006. He joined Grid Technology Research Center in Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. He is a member of IEEE and ACM.

3. Systems and Applications Session

Yan MA pdf (PDF/ Update on Wireless Broadband : 1,182KB)
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,
the member of CERNET Technical Committee

 - Internet Statistics by end of 2007
 - Broadband access by fixed line
 - Broadband access by wireless, also talk about the
   reparation for 2008 Olympic Games
  - Recent telecommunication damage by freak snowstorms
   and freezing rain
 - Future works

Heo Seonmeyong pdf (PDF/ Current Online Game Status in Japan : 1,795KB)
Broadband Security

Moto Kawasaki pdf (PDF/ Japanese Security Business Status Report : 714KB)
Broadband Security


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