Programme for the Children, Mobile Phones and the Internet Experts' Meeting
at the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo, March 2003


Download the full conference proceedings here (PDF:424KB)

Day1: Thursday 6th March 2003
"Children, mobile phones and the Internet - An introduction to the issues [PDF:472KB] "
Nigel Williams :Childnet International, UK
Childnet International Page here
studentWhat kids say: Japanese kids, discussing their use of mobile phones
Respondent - Nigel Williams :Childnet International, UK
How to understand this new technology and its use by children in the context of other technologies - Academic perspectives:

Kirsten "Media on the Move: a Research Perspective [PDF:736KB] "
Professor Kirsten Drotner, :USD Odense University, Denmark

Takeyama "Children and Mobile Technology - the Japanese Experience [PDF:1.6MB] "
Professor Masanao Takeyama :Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan

Sonia "Constructing a Specific Culture: Young People's Use of the Mobile Phone As a Social Performance [PDF:48KB] "
Dr Andre Caron :University of Montreal, Canada
Jane Tallimm of Media Awareness Network Canada gave a broad outline to Andre Caron's presentation and research as Dr Andre Caron was unable to attend this meeting due to health reasons.

Sonia2a Respondent - Professor Sonia Livingstone :LSE, UK

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Future Use:
Trends in technological development of mobile devices and services as they may affect children

Yasuda 1. The Japanese perspective -
"View on Evolution of Mobile - Phone Usage [PDF:2.8MB] "
Yutaka Yasuda :KDDI, Japan

Nagata "Ethical principles for mobile internet services and i-mode contents [Non disclosure] "
Hideaki Nagata :NTT DoCoMo , Japan

Angus 2. A European perspective -
"Mobile trends as they might affect children - a European perspective [PDF:112KB] "
Angus Cormie :O2, UK

Linda 3. A Global perspective -
"Child Protection On the Mobile Internet [PDF:3.1MB] "
Linda Criddle :Microsoft, USA

Naemura Respondent - Professor Kenji Naemura, Keio University

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"Welcome Party" Message from Seiko Noda,Member of the House of Representatives

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Day2: Friday 7th March 2003
Challenges and Opportunities:
What potential positives and negatives to children are offered by this new technology?

Greg "A broadcaster's Perspective [PDF:4MB] "
Greg Childs :BBC, UK

Ute "Mobile technologies and Helplines [PDF:296KB] "
Ute Navidi :Childline, UK

Larry "The U.S. Perspective [PDF:476KB] "
Larry Magid :Technology journalist and founder of
Challenges and Opportunities (continued)
kioka "Dating Sites and the Japanese Experience 1 [PDF:3.7MB] / 2 [PDF:412KB] / 3 [PDF:8KB] / 4 [PDF:8KB] "
Yasumasa Kioka :National Police Agency, Japan

John "Children, Mobile Phones and the Internet [PDF:556KB] "
John Carr :NCH, UK

Dennis "Mobile Phones, Young People and Consumer Protection [PDF:16KB] "
Denis Nelthorpe :Consumer's Federation of Australia, Australia

Tronde Respondent - Tronde Waage :Ombudsman for Children, Norway
"Challenges and Opportunities [PDF:1.5MB]"

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Regulatory and self-regulatory responses:
What are the potential or possible responses, both regulatory and otherwise, to the issues impacting on children?

"The potential for labelling and filtering of content on mobiles [PDF:192KB] "
Akio Kokubu :Internet Association Japan, Japan

George "Contact, Content and Cost [PDF:24KB] "
George Kidd :Director of ICSTIS, UK

Richard "A European approach [PDF:104KB] "
Richard Swetenham :Safer Internet Action Plan, European Commission, Luxembourg

Tan Respondent - Professor Bernard Tan :Chairman of National Internet Advisory Committee, Singapore

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Conclusion of the meeting

Question 1: What is the main action point YOU will want to take as a result of this meeting?
Question 2: What is the most important issue you feel needs attention?


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