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Four domains of activity

IAjapan activity

Research and development
  • Research on related technologies such as security, mobile information, Java, XML, and so on
  • Development and demonstration regarding related technologies such as P3P, PICS, and so on
  • Promotion on standardization activity on related technologies
  • Research of risk management on the Internet such as disaster, cyber terrorism, and so on
  • Research on Internet trends such as Internet economic indexes and status research on deployment
  • Research on new business trends and scalability studies

Contribution to the society
  • Coalition and initiative with the Internet Hotline Expert Network
  • Cooperation with the government's policy on high-tech crime
  • Study on Intellectual property rights on the Internet such as copyright, patent, and so on
  • Deployment of filtering software, compiling and organizing data from rating information, including development and operation of its database
  • Advocacy on policies to address various issues regarding the Internet

International cooperation
  • Cooperation with International bodies such as W3C, IETF, ISOC, ICANN, ICRA, APIA, APNG and holding conferences or events
  • Contribution to ISTF and research on digital divide issues
  • Development of International rules regarding Internet business
  • Research and fact-finding on actual condition in other countries

Enlightenment and deployment
  • Training human resource such as system operators and instructors
  • Research and development on educational systems and materials
  • Project of enlightenment and deployment concerning information technology certification testing, commendation systems, and so on
  • Providing W3C and IETF related information to members
  • Development and adaptation of Internet rules and manners for business people
  • Development and operation of the rules & manner portal site

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